Wellness and Nutrition

Our holistic approach to wellness and nutrition assists you in developing an integrated body-mind connection. Tailor-made nutritional eating plans designed to complement your lifestyle.

Equipment Supplied

Integrating conventional & functional training using a variety of exciting & trendy techniques. We travel to you and supply all the necessary equipment for your customized training session.
Neuro-linguistic programming

NLP & Life Coaching

Neuro-linguistic programming and wellness life coaching consultations.

Our main purpose in so inspire desired change and empower clients to develop a healthier relationship with food, movement and self. We are here to assist you on your journey to personal excellence.

“If You Can Believe It, You Can Achieve It” – Darius Foroux

Personal Training

Kat-Fit is an exciting functional training program in the comfort of your home or business facility which guarantees personal attention at all times, ensuring that exercises are executed correctly as well as optimum intensity is maintained in order to achieve your desired results. Kat-Fit is set apart from the rest, not only do we offer top class personal and group training, but all our programs are specifically tailor-made to meet our clients’ health and physical goals.

Every session consists of a variety of exciting and trendy workouts, combining conventional and functional exercises targeting every muscle in your body and ensuring optimal fat burning intensity is maintained. This form of training will ensure overall fat loss as well as firming and toning of your entire body which will improve posture and core strength.

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Remedial Sports Massage

What is remedial sports massage?

This is a highly specialized massage therapy that focuses on using advanced remedial techniques to intervene and correct specific and precise points in the muscle that could lead to injury or incorrect use in the muscle if left untreated in the body.

This therapy not only stops old injuries form hindering their ability to perform, it corrects the way the muscles function to their most optimal use,  everything from loosening shorter muscle to increase range of movement, to loosening up scar tissue from overuse or old injuries in parts of the muscle, to give full range of full muscle activation. The true benefits or this treatment is to enhance your performance by eradicating small issues that would lead to injury in the first place.

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Meet Our Team


Katiana Brancato

Personal Trainer

Charles Weyer

Personal development and wellness coach

Nerisha Balkaran

Personal Trainer