Work out at the desired time for you, our trainers are flexible and will accommodate for you however we expect full commitment and dedication.

Work out exactly where you want to We train you at home, at a nearby park or your workplace No hassle- no parking, no babysitter, no traffic, no costs of transportation.

We design a program specific to your desired physical goals with Free nutrition and lifestyle consulting and we help set measurable goals with you that will be monitored every 4-6 weeks ensuring you stay motivated.

It’s is a full lifestyle transformation, we are not just here to train you. Our highly qualified and passionate trainers care about your success in fitness and as a person. We are invested in your success.

What is Kat-Fit?

Kat-Fit is an exciting functional training program in the comfort of your home or business facility which guarantees personal attention at all times, ensuring that exercises are executed correctly as well as optimum intensity is maintained in order to achieve your desired results. Kat-Fit is set apart from the rest, not only do we offer top class personal and group training, but all our programs are specifically designed to meet our client’s health and physical goals.

We cover all necessary aspects such as personal and group training, joint mobility and flexibility, nutrition, correct earth grown nutrients supplementation, as well as remedial sports massage to boost performance and prevent injury.

Kat-Fit’s mission is to inspire people to eat well, to invest in their health and wellbeing and to enhance their abilities and performance. Time and effort spent training with Kat-Fit will translate into peak performance, a firm, more toned body and an overall improvement in the quality of life. If you are looking to lose weight, get fit and improve your overall health and wellbeing, Kat-Fit will provide the knowledge and means to help you achieve your desired physical goals and maintain them.

Every session consists of a variety of different exercises both aerobic and anaerobic targeting every muscle in your body and ensuring optimal fat burning intensity is maintained. The combination of cardio, strength and functional training will ensure overall weight & fat loss as well as firming and toning of your entire body which will improve posture and core strength.

Kat-Fit will bring all necessary equipment to your home or business facility which is needed for each session.